A bunch of Cricketers who played at WEPL level, having a serious passion for cricket one day decided to change how cricket is played (specially batting) in Wiltshire and Somerset region by designing right equipment for right people at an affordable price – and that is how UST UK was formed.

Our aim is to be the UK Cricket’s Challenger Brand by delivering the best performing bats and other equipment to the market. Our carefully designed bats have been a huge success for many years in England, Australia, South Africa and India. We have many international players using our bat but we cannot advertise it due to their sponsorship commitment.



Our product is BY Players FOR Players who want to be different! Players who want to make their own rules and do things others won’t even try. Players who want to turn a game on it’s head…Players who have the courage to take on the bowler. These are the sort of people we want to be using our stuff. A Cricket brand built on quality with a passion for success. This year everything changes. We’ve got huge plans, investment and ideas. Watch this space – The changing face of batting in England.

A bit of History:

UST has been operational since 1948 with its main objective to manufacture quality sports goods and export it to various other parts of the world. Backed with all the experience, know-how and full-time skilled craftsmen in our factory, it is managed by highly motivated team of professionals.

Quality, service and innovation have always been the company’s hallmarks. Customers returning to buy UST equipments, sending in their testimonials, recommending it to friends and family – speaks volume about their satisfaction with quality and price. In fact, UST is true friend to it’s customers.